Specialists in the design and execution of Lean for complex business processes

Production planning doesn’t involve just planning – in reality there is a lot more to it than that. As consultants, we came across many companies who were experiencing long waiting times (resulting in too much stock on the work floor), long throughput times and unnecessary costs. The more complex the process, the greater the chance of deviation from the original production plan. We have developed a product to remedy this: Lean Production Control (LPC).


Lean Production Control

LCP is a planning and monitoring methodology aimed at eliminating waiting time and ultimately throughput time as well. By monitoring product flow on the work floor, there will be less work-in-process and your costs will be reduced. You can regulate the production progress by monitoring orders.



Production planning is carried out in line with the Theory of Constraints (bottleneck planning). Here the bottleneck orders closely follow each other keeping the throughput time to a minimum. This will result in a 99-100% capacity utilisation on your bottleneck machine.



The monitoring of orders within LPC is a unique Shop Floor module. It also forms the core of the system, enabling you to achieve excellent results.


In reality, your actual output might differ from that which was planned - a fact that underlines the importance of monitoring. Monitoring shows up the deviation from the original planning. LPC is a real time communication system that can work within and even across departments. As monitoring takes place on the work floor, the system will generate real data. With the aid of visualisation deviations and their consequence will become immediately visible and measurable. Monitoring ensures full process control.


Achieved results

Our clients achieved the following:

-   Higher turnover (20-50% increase compared to before the introduction of LPC)
-   Throughput time reduction of 20-70%
-   Delivery reliability of 99-100%


These achieved results stem from process monitoring, which is the force behind LPC. The application sits on top of your existing system, so current set-ups and procedures won’t have to be changed. This will make for a short implementation period. We will guide you through the implementation period and furnish you with all the necessary skills that will allow you to set up and adjust the system to your specification after the introduction period. Do you have plans to expand? You will be fully equipped to train your staff and redesign your systems.   

LPC can be linked to any system such as CAD, PLM and ERP. It can be set up as a planning system, or as a complete MES system. LPC is available in a multitude of languages.

Logistics Potential Scan (LPS)

LPS is a structured method to thoroughly examine your company’s logistics processes. Not only will you be able to identify any problems, but also determine how to run to your processes more efficiently.  LPS will deliver a comprehensive plan-of-action in order to implement the identified improvement opportunities. Even relatively small changes can lead to big results and by designing processes more intelligently, energy consumption will reduce at the same time.